Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Selby x Zara

I had thought about writting a different post today, but since I saw this video on Zara's webpage yesterday, I couldn't do anything but showing it to you.

If you visit you'll see a new (and I think the first) collaboration between Zara and the Selby. Well, the result of that collaboration is the amazing video shown above, a video that Todd Selby has filmed about Lucy Chadwick, a british born girl, director of Museum52 art gallery in New York.
I'm not going to say anything else, just watch the video, that girl is pure loveliness, stylish, so inspiring and her house is as beautiful and creative as she seems to be ♥


No victims, No fashion said...

Ella me ha encantado, su casa ya es otra historia...enamorada es poco lo que estoy! Pero quién es y en qué trabaja???
He buscado en Wikipedia...pero na.


My Own Strange Little World said...

Me encannnta este video!! Que envidia!! Un besazo guapa!!

rouli said...

oh dear

i wanted to post that video too!

that was so cool

loved it!


le pearl said...

Ahh the life some people live <3

Anonymous said...

ha, just saw that video yesterday ... love the look and feel of it and of course the ZARA clothes! x

Irene said...

Desde siempre me ha encantado The Selby pero ahora que veo esto todavía más.
El tipi que tiene al lado de la segunda casa es amor.