Monday, 12 December 2011

♥Lucy Chadwick

Since I saw the video The Selby filmed for Zara starring Lucy Chadwick, I've been wanting to know more about this girl, and I'm sure some of you did the same thing, because she has a great style. Definetely, her profession, wich is my dreamed job (she's the director of Museum52 art gallery in New York city), her beautiful home and her awesome style has stuck into my heart and I needed to share it with you ♥

PS. By the way, her sister, Emma Chadwick, has an amazing style too, doesn't she?

By the way, if you need some more style inspiration just go and take a look at Garance Doré, Natalie Joos, Dree Hemingway or Chloë Sevigny's posts (by clicking on their names).


Claudia B. said...

She's got an incredible style! I cannot wait to watch the following chapters of "Zara x The Shelby"

ediot said...

these are amazing shots.
what a great post
thanks for sharing

Luis Moragas Batista said...

Los botines no tienen nombre, pasate pare ver un video y flipa, no entiendo quien lleva ese tipo de botines. Lo demás esta muy bien, realmente no conocia a esta chica
Muchas gracias por tus comentarios.

krissy rock said...

awesome shots! you are adorable!

Sandra Alonso said...

Las 2 tiene un estilazo,me encanta su forma de vestir(:
Y a mi tambien me gustaira tener su trabajo,tiene que ser increible poder trabajar ahí!!
Un besito

bubbles on my planet said...

Esta chica tiene una estilazo, me apunto a todos sus looks!! Bss

poziomka said...

No conocía a esta chica, y me he enamorado de su estilo (y del de su hermana). Gracias por descubrirla, voy a seguir investigando :)
Pues estoy en Bristol para mejorar mi inglés. De momento, voy a clase y en enero empiezo a trabajar :)

LoQueVen said...

Una vez mas.. no la conocía, pero tengo que decir que me encanta y adoro sus gafas! Las quierooo!
Un beso.

CheckMyFashion said...

very impressive pictures...specially love the look of the last picture!

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Isquisofrenia said...

oh i love the last photo

bohemianbones said...

loved ur style also!!! and these pics are soo cool and cute! lovee

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto said...

Marley! wow you are so sweet, nice to meet you dear! :-D yeah that day was a great succes! That store is full of marvellous clothes :-D And i also tried them on! :-D

But let's talk about your blog! Wow!! :-) Great style! I found out Lucy really soon with the zara video too!

And I loved your "what they wore" post. the photos of this blog are all great qulity!

Wnat to follow each other some way??Anna :-)

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto said...

Dear Marley :-) I don't feel obliged at all! I loce this blog, in fact, right now, is the newest in my topsites bar :-D Really well-done blog! -D

Following you of course!

rouli said...

she s amazinnnnnn

My Own Strange Little World said...

Pues a mi viendo las fotos lo que me dan son unas ganas increibles de pasarle la tijera por la barba a su novio y dejársela bien arreglaita... menudo melenón!!! jajaja Besos guapaaa!!