Saturday, 19 November 2011


I've had this editorial saved in my computer for some time and I thought this rainy day was the perfect time to show you. I love Arizona Muse, and although the editorial is not actually new (it appeared in last august issue on Vogue UK) that's no reason not to show you if the pictures are as beautiful as these ♥

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Selby x Zara

I had thought about writting a different post today, but since I saw this video on Zara's webpage yesterday, I couldn't do anything but showing it to you.

If you visit you'll see a new (and I think the first) collaboration between Zara and the Selby. Well, the result of that collaboration is the amazing video shown above, a video that Todd Selby has filmed about Lucy Chadwick, a british born girl, director of Museum52 art gallery in New York.
I'm not going to say anything else, just watch the video, that girl is pure loveliness, stylish, so inspiring and her house is as beautiful and creative as she seems to be ♥

Monday, 14 November 2011

Taylor's office

I was so surprised and happy when I saw that The Coveteur had photographed Taylor Tomasi's office! (I may sound a bit crazy but) I had been waiting a post about Taylor Tomasi-Hill since they started the website, and although they haven't photographed her house, but her office, I'm still pretty happy.
I'm sure you'll like the pictures and her accesories! ♥

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Jewelry crush

First 2 necklaces and 3 coloured bracelets by Tom Binngs followed by Dannijo, Eddie Borgo spiked bracelets and finally Aurélie Bidermann creations

Hello dear people! how are you? quick post today with some pieces that definetely will captivate your eyes (and you too).

I've never been a girl who use to love jewels and I'm not accostumed to accesorize me too much. In fact, I'm always wearing the same few bracelets (two friendship bracelets and a silver one) and a watch, but I've always love beautiful jewelry, I remember loving Tom Binns and watching his collections and necklaces over and over again a few years ago.
And now, as I've been discovering some bloggers and editors who tend to accesorize a lot I've saved some jewelry designers on my mind and on my computer and adding some new brands to my "mental wishlist". And this is the result, some pieces and brands that I love and that I can't stop thinking about, and I'm sure you will like them too ♥

Saturday, 5 November 2011

♥ Natalie Joos

Hello everybody! Let me introduce you to Natalie Joos. This girl, born in Belgium but NY resident, works as a fashion consultant and casting agent in Brooklyn and I'm sure you recognise her face due to her ability to appear in street style blogs thanks to her amazing style and eye to mix high brands and vintage clothes.
In case you don't know her, I leave you some pictures. If you want to know more about her, she also runs a blog! ♥

PD. If you want more style inspiration click here for Dree Hemingway pictures or here for Chloë Sevigny

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Drawing magazine covers

A long time ago I came across John Paul Thurlaw's work. He's a fabulous artist who reproduces magazine covers in pencil. I'm a big fan of his drawings and of the fabulous idea of drawing magazine covers, so when I discovered Cate Parr's watercolour covers I thought I had to share their work with you.
Aren't they amazing? ♥