Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Steve McCurry

Here it comes a post that I'm sure you'll enjoy, and why am I so sure? Because it's full with Steve McCurry's picture? Who is that guy? (may you ask). Well, McCurry is one of today's best photographers, his pictures have appeared in National Geographic's magazine (you've seen the picture of the green eyed girl a few times, right?) and received so many awards.
He use to say "If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view"

I'm only posting the (how to say it?) pleasing to the eye ones, but there are a lot about the 11S, the earthquake in Japan last may and wars that should be seen.


Sandra Alonso said...

Feliz año Marley!!
Las fotos son increibles,tienen unos colores super nitidos,me han encantado(: La verdad es que no conocia a este fotogrado pero a partir de ahora voy a seguir su trabajo por que las fotos son espectaculares!
Un besito

ediot said...

these are amazing shots. i love them
such great colors in them
thanks for sharing darling
wish you a great day

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto said...

Sweet Marley...the first pic is incredible. I adore it! really! :-D

rouli said...

amazin shots dear!

happy 2012~

Martina said...

Aquí hubo una exposición con sus mejores obras, y cuando fui a verla, la foto que más me impactó fue la de los pescadores. Me pareció increíble la el marco de la escena en sí, muy surrealista. Es un dios, sinceramente, yo le tengo en un pedestal.
Por cierto, echaba de menos pasarme por aquí.

O. said...

Realmente muy buena elección. Tenía vistas algunas de McCurry y tengo que decir que me encanta la manera en la que consigue reflejar cualquier cultura, historia o momento.
Un beso!

J U D I T said...

¿Las últiams dos no son montajes? Spn todas alllucinantes

No hace falta que me hagas la pelota jajaj, en las fotos del blog de Carlota salgo espantosa, lo séee lo sé para qué negarlo...

Espero que hayas empezado genial el año, un besazoo Marley! :D

bubbles on my planet said...

Las fotos son impresionantes, un fotógrafo de los grandes! La primera con las flores en el barco y el verde del río es una maravilla :) Bss

Catarina said...

The photos are stunning and the colours amazing, thanks for sharing.
Happy new year!

Katrina said...

His photographs are a true work of art! And the girl with the green eyes looks surreal really)


little moon lover said...

wow amazing photography!! I didn't know this guy, I did knew however the photo of the green eyed girl you're talking about, but never saw anything else from the photographer, I'm glad I did now.. it is amazing, I'm gonna google him a.s.a.p... and thanks for stopping by my blog, I didn't mean to critize your last post on best dressed, guess I was just thinking outloud.. I wonder if people we, or the media, name as "best dressed"really deserve the title, I think most of them are told what to wear.. who knows, but still they look amazing so that's what matters, image.. but chloe sevigny rocks doesnt she? haha..

Stacey said...

I absolutely adore his work! So powerful and with such depth. His photos speak to me:-). xx

LoQueVen said...

Son unas fotos increibles!
Los colores y el momentos. Perfectas!!
Un beso.

Moe said...

Hi! I'm fine and doing well!
Hope you are fine aswell!

Yeah! I partied all night. ;)
Hope you did too.

Thank you!

xx Moe

Angels Wear Prada said...

q fotos tan curiosas, son una pasada! me encantan!

por cierto, quieres apuntarte a nuestro sorteo? ;)

un besito!

LaiLa said...

Me encantan las fotos, son preciosas,:)
me encanta sobre todo la foto de las bailarinas de ballet!

UN beso!

Bonnie said...

I have been a huge fan of his work for such a long time. His photography is seriously impressive.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

¡Qué fotos más bonitas y más inspiradoras! ¡Qué envidia (sana por supuesto)!

Mimi said...

these are gorgeous photos! :D

<3, Mimi

le pearl said...

golly goshhh these are just what I need for inspiration. Thankyou!

Dandy-Doll said...

Beautiful serie of pictures :)