Saturday, 10 March 2012

Into Taylor Tomasi Hill's apartment

Once again, we slip into Taylor Tomasi's apartment in NY city (ok, not us, but Vogue US).
Although we saw her other apartment in New York and her office some time ago, I wanted more, and surprisingly Vogue came up with this shots of her new home (shared with her husband).
It looks as impredictable and eclectic as the owner, don't you think so?

Otra vez andamos curioseando en la casa de Taylor Tomasi Hill. Esta vez, aunque ya habíamos visto su (otro) piso en Nueva York y su oficina, nos colamos (bueno, Vogue US se cuela) en el nuevo apartamento neoyorkino que Taylor comparte con su marido. Aunque, sin duda, hay mucho más de Taylor en la decoración que de su pareja: totalmente impredecible y ecléctico como la dueña, ¿no os parece?


LoQueVen said...

Es un apartamento flipante!
Me encanta.
Un beso.

bubbles on my planet said...

Su casa tiene mucho estilo, pero bueno, no me extraña, esta chica es fabulosa!!!

Bonnie said...

This is the most perfect apartment ever.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Katrina said...

Wow that`s one stunning apartment! All the intricate details and interesting objects. Would love to live there - or even stop by for a cup of tea!
Thank You for your lovely comment on my blog!


Ask Erena said...

Awesome pictures!
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena
P.S. See what is new in my shop:-)

little moon lover said...

love her!
the house is so cool, especially the living room with those big plants, sunlight entering by the windows, blue rug... eclectic as her in deed. cool post!

Angels Wear Prada said...

vaya casa mas bonita!! me encanta la decoracion!

un besito

Luis moragas batista said...

Me encanta, los apartamentos luminosos siempre me han gustado. Me alegro que te guste mi nuevo apartamento. Tienen que poner la luz y el agua y la semana que viene firmo el contrato. Muchas gracias siempre por tus comentarios Marley.

Catarina said...

This woman is amazing. I adore her style, her hair is to die for and, above all that, she has amazing taste when it comes to decorating.
Thanks so much for your comment :) uni is going ok, i just have to be a bit more patient. I hope all is well*