Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fall inspo: Chloë Sevigny for Purple mag

 Even though these images are quite old, they're still so contemporary, but in that time, Chloë Sevigny was cooler than now and Terry Richardson (who took the pictures) was incredibly fresh. Anyway, I'd love to look like Chloë in the first and last picture all this fall 
A pesar de ser de hace ya tres años, si me dijeran que estas fotos son del último editorial de x revista me lo creería sin dudarlo. Aunque, hace 3 años Chloë Sevigny era mucho mas guay que ahora y Terry Richardson (el que ha tomado las imágenes) no estaba tan visto. De todas maneras, antiguo o no antiguo, me gustaría estar como Chloë en la primera y última foto este otoño. 


Mar said...

Me encantan los pantalones de la primera foto. Estoy buscando unos vaqueros anchos pero no encuentro nada!!!! Chloe me gusta mucho, tiene un estilo que me encanta.

Besos guapi, y gracias por aceptarme en fb xx

Nathan Moy said...

She is so fabulous and wonderful that it's shot by Terry, these people are fashion's biggest and love love purple mag, it's mega chic, if I could speak french, I'd love to work under Olivier, he's so cool. So glad I clicked on your comment and led me back to your blog. It's seriously full of great photos and info juicy, plus your writing style is very personal, I like it! Followed you instantly on GFC and bloglovin'!!! <3 Hope you'd follow me after checking out my bloggie too, I'm sure you'd lke it! Btw check out my newest post on my revamping some cheap Primark jeans into chic new denim!

xx The Provoker